How to install and configure user accounts in Windows 11

Windows 11 introduced Microsoft accounts , which allow you to sync settings and files from one computer to another. In the old PC configuration in Windows 8.1 , they were limited to three options, but in Windows 11, those options have been expanded to five and things have been a bit complicated, but nothing that we cannot achieve.
To access Accounts settings , you must first open Settings and click on ” Accounts “.
In the Accounts group, you will see the option ” Your account “, which allows you to manage your Microsoft account, change your profile picture and more.
Managing your Microsoft account should be done online for best results.
A Microsoft account allows you to sync your settings and basically be able to move from one computer to another. Apps, profile pictures, color options, and more will be uploaded to the cloud, so wherever you go, you’ll see things as being on your device. Very useful!
Login options
The login options will allow you to define if you need to log in again when the PC wakes up from sleep mode or not. It also gives you the option to change your account password, which is great to know.
In Windows 10 it is possible to add a PIN but this method is inherently less secure so be very careful if you decide to use this method.
You can also add an image password, which means that you can use a favorite photo or image and assign a series of scrolls, circles, and other gestures, which will act as a password. This method works much better if you are inside a touch screen.
Family and other users
Want to quickly add family members and other users to your computer? The “Family and other users” setting is where you can do this.
Note that if you have children and want to allow them to use the device, you can add them here and assign them a child account, which can be supervised by Microsoft Family Safety . A very safe navigation option! 
You can also add other users who are not members of your family to your computer, that way you will not have to share an account with them.


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