How to change the default icon for a certain file type in Windows 11

When Windows XP existed , changing the icon for a specific file type was super easy. But since Windows 7 , this turned out to be more complicated but not impossible.
It is for that reason that today we show you how to change the icon of an executable file and customize it to your liking.
The first thing you will have to do is download a copy of File Types Manager . It works in almost any version of Windows, when the download is finished, unzip the folder and double click on ” FileTypesMan.exe “.
Click ” Default Icon ” to sort the list. This groups together all the file extensions that already have the same icon. This is convenient if you want to change multiple related file types that use the same icon.
To save an offset, we will use the find function and thus we can obtain the type of file we are looking for. Click the ” Searchbutton on the toolbar (or press Ctrl + F). In the ” Searchwindow , type the extension of the file type you want to change and click the ” Find next ” button until you reach the extension you are looking for. You can then click “Cancel” to close the ” Searchwindow .
Right-click on the extension whose icon you want to change, and then select ” Edit selected file type .”
In the ” Edit File Type ” window , click the “…” button to the right of the Default Icon text field.
The ” Change Iconwindow shows some basic icons, but you just have to click the “Browse” button to find your own icon files. The File Type Manager allows you to select EXE, DLL or ICO files.
Select the icon you want from the list and click ” OK .”

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Ready, now you can customize the icons of your files as you see fit. So if you like our artcile then share it with all your friends I hope your friends will also like our article.


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