5 Top Features of New Windows Operating System


Terry Myerson and Joe Belfiore management of Microsoft is introducing Windows 10 operating system which will launch over 190 countries this summer. For user ease, Microsoft developed Windows 10 operating system and give some extra and best features.

Here are the features of Windows:


  • This operating system will give you the specification of maintenance windows from that users will get to know when they need to apply updates and when they should not. Like this your system will be up to date, you will not face any critical times of unavailability. This OS with the use of networks like peer-to-peer updates will let the users apply software updates and app downloads.
  • Microsoft told one another best feature Cortana which means halo. It has already come in smartphones having windows 8.1 but this feature is now coming in the operating system also in a more advanced way. According to Microsoft, you are going to see Cortana as you have never seen it before. This feature will act like a real person and will help you out in every aspect. This feature will give you reminders, alert,s and keep the records of your interest, disinterest, friends, favourite things and many more. Cortana is going to be a huge part of Windows 10. This feature will appear on your desktop screen which will replace the search bar and icon that appeared in earlier builds. Also check; If you not get windows update then try Media Creation Tool.
  • If you talk about the browser then you will be amazed that MS is giving Spartan which is is kind of browser which you can say alternative to Internet explorer. It has so many functions like note-taking mode in which you can directly make a note on any web page which will capture the image and the next function is especially for reading so that you can make a reading list which will sync from phones or from tablets. Cortana also comes as a part of Spartan as you will type any thing into search option Cortana will gather the related information from Spartan.
  • This new Operating System is giving the attention on its designing part which will be more user friendly. This will give you more stylish and modern icons. Like in touch environment you can be able to re-size and expand menu in the same way here also menu can be re-sized and expand into a full-screen display. More over you can see iteration of start menu with an application list and all apps buttons on the left side and live tiles on the right side.
  • When it comes to security the Microsoft has planned to provide security to our Windows 10 users with the help of FIDO (Fast Identity Online). FIDO is a vital part of the IT industry which will increase the level of security and moving away from the traditional passwords for user authentication purposes.

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