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Windows 11 PC Health Check Tool to help identify why your PC isn't Windows 11 compatible..
Windows 8.1, Windows 10

WhyNotWin11 is a Windows 11 PC Health Check Tool that allows us to check whatever our Computer or Laptop can run Windows 11 or not. Unlike Microsoft's Health Check Tool, This WhyNotWin11 Windows 11 Check Tool gives accurate information and if your PC can't run Windows 11 then this tool will show the reason why your PC can't run Windows 11.


Recently, Microsoft released the Windows 11 announcement. The new generation of Windows 11 will come as a free upgrade for Windows 10 users. In this new windows, many new features have added Now you can run any mobile app on windows pc easily. But Problem is that windows 11 not available for every pc. First of all, you need to check if your device is compatible, you need to download a simple tool called whynotwin11. This application scans your Pc or Laptop And tells you why Windows 11 is not Compatible. It will give you a list of all system hardware where is a problem.

How to Check Whatever Your PC Compatible With Windows 11?

1. First of All, Download WhyNotWin11 - PC Health Check Tool from the Above Download button.

2. Now Install Why Not Win 11 Tool on your PC.

3. Now Open This Tool on your PC.

4. Now "Run As Administrator" Box will appear, Click on the YES tab.

5. Now WhyNotWin11 will start scanning your Software and Hardware.

6. If your PC is compatible with Windows 11 then an OK message appears, if not compatible then it will show you where is a problem with a Red cross.

That's it! Now you know whatever your PC can run Windows 11 or not. If your PC is unable to run Windows 11 then it will error. Your task to solve specific problems. After that, Windows 11 will be supported on your PC.

Windows 11 PC Health Check

Microsoft also officially released the PC Health Check PC software. But this app only shows initially a pass/fail message with no details. If anyone wants to find what problem with my Pc then they cannot find any solution with the Microsoft PC Health Checker app. So that why the whynotwin11 app is trending because it will give you proper details about your system. You can run Why not win 11 in windows like 7,8 & 10 etc. In why not win11 you will get a graphical user interface. So you can download WhyNotWin11 for Windows 10 from the above link. The Features of this PC Compatibility Check Tool are given below

WhyNotWin11 Features

  • > In This Windows 11 Check Tool, You will get a Graphical User Interface.
  • > Why Not Win 11 program checks all compatibility requirements and displays whether the Computer or Laptop passes the requirement.
  • > WhyNotWIn11 answer in graphical color form like green color yes, red color No, and yellow color for not clear.
  • > WhyNotWin11 will check all hardware compatibility in all areas including CPU type, TPM version, amount of RAM and Bios, etc.
  • > If Most of the hardware is compatible with windows 11 then it is likely not going to prevent Windows 11 from installing on your system.
  • > This app gives you detail about hardware which is not compatible. So that you can solve this problem.

These are amazing features of the WhyNotWin11 PC Health Check Tool and these features make it way better than Microsoft's official Windows 11 PC Compatability Check Tool.

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