How to disable Windows 11 lock screen ads

Surely you have noticed that the Windows 10 lock screen has ads that many of us do not want to have active. Unfortunately, few people know how to remove this annoying feature of ” Windows Spotlightfrom their startup, but fortunately from their Personalization settings you can remove it forever.

Steps to Disable Windows 11 Lock Screen Ads:

1. To remove blocking ads from Windows 10, click the Start menu and open the Settings app:
2. From here, choose the Personalization settings and then go to the Lock screen tab .
3. Once open, find the field that says ” Windows Spotlight ” and click on the box. You can configure it to show an “Image” or a ” Presentation “, depending on your personal preferences.
4. This will disable Microsoft from automatically delivering ads to your login screen without your permission.
5. Finally, once you’ve selected a new login screen style, we recommend unchecking the ” Get fun information, tips, tricks, and more on your lock screen ” option .
6. This will guarantee that you will not have to deal with releases or news of games or applications every time you log in.
Tip: If the ads don’t bother you and you just want to see content more tailored to your interests, you can tell Microsoft what’s relevant to you by clicking the icon in the upper right corner of the lock screen:
Then a menu will be displayed, where you can choose between the two options ” I want more ” and ” I am not a fan “. The first will give you more content related to that ad, while if you select the other box, information about it will be hidden. How to Configre Windows 11 Account.


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