How to change the language of Windows 11


If your computer with
Windows 11 operating system is in English or some other language, and you want to change it to Spanish, you can easily do so from the system settings section.

When we change the language in Windows 11 we will see all the applications in our language. In addition, we can also have access to the support that Microsoft offers us , which will help us solve our frequent problems, all in our language. That is why it is very helpful to change the language of Windows 11 .

Steps to change language Windows 11:

The first thing we will do is enter the
Control Panel , a folder where we can find the options to modify many of the essential aspects of this operating system.

Then we will go directly to the Language application . There we will click on Language Options . We will see at a glance a list of languages, where we can select the one we want.

If the language we want to use is not in the list, we must add it by clicking on
Add language . In this way, the system will begin to download the language from Microsoft’s official servers , which will allow us to obtain a complete language package and in turn if we need to worry about downloading viruses, since it is one of the safest servers in the actuality.

After having downloaded a language, we must activate it by checking the indicated box, something to keep in mind, since when downloading a new language pack it is not applied automatically.

It should also be noted that it is not necessary for the user to restart the computer, since this change is applied instantly, which makes it easier to deal with this operating system without interrupting the tasks that are carried out. Also check: Create bootable Usb for Windows 11.

In general, the trial versions or beta versions of Windows 11 always come in English, which is why this function has been very useful for those who want to test the latest changes released by Microsoft and want to do it in Spanish.


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