Have you already reserved Windows 11 on your computer?

Microsoft installed a Windows 11 logo on many computers with Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 operating systems . By pressing this logo we can reserve a free Windows 11 license . Microsoft’s new operating system will be released on July 29. It will first reach the users registered in the Windows Insider program , then it will reach the users who made their reservations through the logo and finally it will be offered progressively to the rest of the users.



Next we will see how to use the
Windows 11 update logo . We will clarify before that reserving a free Windows 11 license does not mean that the update will be done automatically. It only implies that the user will be able to install   Windows 11 , but will have to choose the right time to start the update. You will have up to a year to update for free.

Before starting the installation,
Microsoft will do a check to see if your computer can install Windows 11 . One of the conditions is that you have 3GB of free space to install the new operating system. If you want to know more about the necessary requirements to installWindows 11 visit our article Minimum requirements to install Windows 10 .

Now we will see how to use the update logo:

1- First you must press the logo that is in the bottom bar.

2- Once you press the logo you will see a window. There you must press the button Reserve your free update.

During the process you will see some of the news that Windows 10 will bring such as Cortana, Microsoft Edge, etc.

4- Then you must enter your email and you will have your reservation made.

If you still don’t see the
Windows 10 logo on your computer, you can go to Windows Update and see if there are updates available for your computer. If so, download these updates. Also check: How to Change Language in windows 11


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